Volkswagen ID.4 EV review: is it the new VW Beetle?


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This is the Volkswagen ID.4... And it just might be one of the most important cars Volkswagen has EVER released!
But why's it so important, we hear you ask? Well let's face it, when it comes to the SUV market, Volkswagen is easily one of the biggest players there is. T-Rocs, Tiguans, Touaregs... They're everywhere! But with the UK set to ban the sale of petrol & diesel cars from 2030, we need an alternative, and Volkswagen are hoping the ID.4 will be the car to take their place!
So, do we think the ID.4 can compete with VW's petrol-powered class leaders? Well as it stands, there's just one choice of motor and battery pack to choose from - a single motor & 77 kWh battery pack which will deliver 204hp and a claimed range of 310-miles. However, there are more options on the way, including a 306hp four-wheel-drive version, and a cheaper, less powerful single motor edition.
So, the performance isn't too bad, but there's one key difference to your regular petrol-powered SUVs - the price! Coming in at around £40,000, the ID.4 easily eclipses what you may have to pay for a standard petrol-powered, mid-range SUV. So is it worth it? You'll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:52 Price
01:41 Exterior Design
03:13 Interior
07:50 Back Seats
09:22 Boot
11:14 Five Annoying Features
13:24 Five Good Features
15:22 Motor & Battery
16:44 Town Driving
19:48 Twisty Road Driving
20:34 0-60mph
21:09 Verdict
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  • carwow
    carwowMåned siden

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  • Armadillito


    11 dager siden

    @Sam J "it weighs 2.1 tons..." and a comment on how this compromises the handling and range? What more do you want? Modern crossovers are porky things anyway and most people really don't care that much about handling. The bigger concern, I would argue, should be the increased momentum and kinetic energy these heavy vehicles bring into collisions.

  • Sam J

    Sam J

    14 dager siden

    Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

  • Kumeko Mbhiza

    Kumeko Mbhiza

    27 dager siden

    Get an iPhone

  • Austin Troy

    Austin Troy

    28 dager siden

    @Walker Brayden cool! Took like 15 mins but it worked!!

  • Walker Brayden

    Walker Brayden

    28 dager siden

    dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack enjoy!

  • Luiz Ricardo Fernandes
    Luiz Ricardo FernandesDag siden

    Was really excited for this car...well...not anymore... :-(

  • John Stannard
    John StannardDag siden

    The government have now removed the grant unless below 35k and its only 2500 before it was 3k. So people will now shy away from getting electric as most sub 35k are rubbish.

  • Aristotelis Entertainment
    Aristotelis Entertainment2 dager siden

    The interior looks like a Chinese knockoff.

  • Steel Wool Sheep
    Steel Wool Sheep2 dager siden

    That interior color combination is absolutely atrocious

  • pppscooby
    pppscooby3 dager siden

    Interior looks awful, just put some buttons and knobs in the car, i’m not allowed to use my phone in tje car, but am allowed to fanny about with touchscreen 🤷‍♂️

  • kp
    kp3 dager siden

    Why are all these electric cars sooo expensive...

  • Tommer Kahan
    Tommer Kahan3 dager siden

    These capacitive buttons are a deal breaker. This could be the most amazing car, but these buttons will drive me nuts.

  • alvin ngure
    alvin ngure4 dager siden

    Looks better than an X1 at the very least

  • Mikey 350
    Mikey 3505 dager siden

    Does Volkswagen give 0-60mph figures, or 0-100kph??

  • Kanagawa Yarichin
    Kanagawa Yarichin5 dager siden

    Why don’t they make electric versions of existing models?

  • Bho Loo
    Bho Loo5 dager siden

    Ugly EV VW

  • Dutchman Seb Motoring Media
    Dutchman Seb Motoring Media5 dager siden

    Omg, I died laughing at the opening comments. Matt, such a comedian.

  • Nick 123
    Nick 1235 dager siden

    Yes, it looks like peugeot 5008. I figure that out when I look it for the first time.

  • Peter Malkin
    Peter Malkin5 dager siden

    It seems to me that VW don't get it. This is a boring car inside and out and is not like some others adapted for Electric power. It reminds me of the horseless carriage where the horse was replaced by the petrol engine. Hence the first cars looked like a carriage with a space for horses.Tesla get it so indeed do Jaguar with the I pace but this -forget it -most people will!

  • Adam Beresford
    Adam Beresford5 dager siden

    Starting at 40k yeah vw not doing much to tempt me into an ev

  • Lars Erik Nes
    Lars Erik Nes5 dager siden

    It really falls true that you do not know how to drive an electric car. 25 kw/h is so wrong. No problem getting this down to 18 for normal driving. I have managed 17 for a long drive in cold weather. So your 70% is very wrong!

  • K T
    K T5 dager siden


  • Richard C
    Richard C6 dager siden

    Great use of the English that!

  • alex robert devereux
    alex robert devereux6 dager siden

    By comparison, i am especially looking forward to see vw id4 twin Skoda Enyaq. It has a 10cm longer body than the id4 and the interior that looks more appealing with more physical buttons beyond the touch screen. Looking for that review Matt...👍😀

  • DJ Universal
    DJ Universal6 dager siden

    14:11 theres and electric pop lol (to open the door obviously)

  • Christopher Gesse
    Christopher Gesse6 dager siden

    It's just a horrible car. I wouldn't ever comfortable with such an interior

  • T J
    T J7 dager siden

    Everything is touchscreen and software based, they must be saving a fortune on costs building these things, yet they pass none of this on to the consumer. They even rob the customers of their government grant by adding it to the price of the vehicle. The world will not be carbon neutral anytime soon because who can afford 40k for a car? Not many.

  • jeebs621
    jeebs6218 dager siden

    If it didn’t have the VW logo it could easily be confused with a Kia

  • Maarten en Freija De Meij
    Maarten en Freija De Meij8 dager siden

    Matt, can you review the skoda enyaq EV ? That looks like a real car, nice interior and value for money. Not an overrated cheaplooking bucket like this ID4.

  • Reeve Mason
    Reeve Mason8 dager siden

    Just another overpriced and useless milk float

  • Wankel RX-8
    Wankel RX-88 dager siden

    How much? The price is a grim joke for such a boring and underdeveloped car.

  • Anders Nygren
    Anders Nygren8 dager siden

    Strong Ray Cokes vibes in this one. 👍🏻

  • Anders Nygren

    Anders Nygren

    6 dager siden

    @cupidstunt1975 those were the days. 😊

  • cupidstunt1975


    6 dager siden

    Ray Cokes! Crikey there's a name not heard in many a year!

  • Knut Holt
    Knut Holt8 dager siden

    It's just ugly

  • scfog90
    scfog908 dager siden

    Vw fits drumbrakes on this car, because they still got some left from the original Beetle and they want to give you the Beetle feeling back

  • PedroGfin
    PedroGfin9 dager siden

    10:26 The strap is for a spare oil bottle. That’s been VW’s clever solution for excessive oil consuption. My Polo GTI is ”within spec” as long as it uses less oil than petrol. They did give me one free liter of oil when the car was delivered, which was nice. They just forgot to remove the strap for the electric cars, as well as the ”Start/Stop Engine” button.

  • Ducati SupersportS
    Ducati SupersportS9 dager siden

    VW=310 miles Actual=240 miles We should never trust VW ever again after they cheated on the official mpg figures. As for this car, I’d avoid it totally, I don’t like anything about it.

  • Kat des
    Kat des10 dager siden

    That interior looks very cheap, and the vw build quality and reliability and customer service (or lack of on all 3 counts) equals avoid

  • Deepu Babu
    Deepu Babu10 dager siden

    Imagine when VW releases an ID 10 version with a Turbo. The ID 10 T 😋

  • Tim Van Laere
    Tim Van Laere10 dager siden

    I love the carwow sticks. And how he is holding the bonnet with his head, like anyone of us would do trying to hold it up when searching for stowing away sticks into the bonnet space.

  • James Hurdman
    James Hurdman10 dager siden

    Not something you say every day, but the Skoda Enyaq iV is way better looking both inside and out, clearly uses better materials inside, and probably has the same underpinnings. It's also cheaper, so why would you bother with this VW?

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander11 dager siden

    Lets try to copy the Peugeot 308 design!😂

  • Armadillito
    Armadillito11 dager siden

    What the hell is under the bonnet of that thing? I hope the maintenance is incredibly easy with all the space.

  • Armadillito
    Armadillito11 dager siden

    Why have armrest-filling cupholders become standard? A good armrest can really make a back seat and they ruin it.

  • Daniel Lekardal
    Daniel Lekardal11 dager siden

    Skoda Enyaq gives the ID3 a jolly good arsewhipping when it comes to materials and value for money.

  • LockPickingMechanic LPM
    LockPickingMechanic LPM11 dager siden

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but if you want high quality materials in your cabin you need to buy a Peugeot or Renault

  • DenvilX
    DenvilX11 dager siden

    Honestly, with all likes and dislikes to this channel as a advert for carwow and Matt himself, I really appreciate the honest mention of government discount. Even though I live in a different country and never was in UK, this mention made me like the attitude and honesty.

  • RK SBK
    RK SBK12 dager siden

    Skoda Enyaq is much nicer looking inside and out, KIA EV6 too and hyundai ionic5

  • Tore L
    Tore L13 dager siden

    This car really doesn't speak to me, and usually I'm quite impressed with the evolution of technology. For the same price, there are so many great alternatives. This was another let down from VWG.

  • محمد عبدالواحد
    محمد عبدالواحد13 dager siden

    Matt, you are a Peugeot Fanboy.

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty13 dager siden

    Shorter stature buyers might prefer electric rear tailgate to close. Big batteries equals lots of weight. Only good news is weight is spread evenly across the car floor. No heavy weight of engine as on traditional front wheel drive

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty13 dager siden

    Do any SUVs look radical or eye catching? Think Tiguan, kuga, quasqui, kadjar. Only the mazda, Peugeot and volvo stand out. Same interior as ID3 to save money I presume. Strange that software still very buggy considering how long ID3 has been on offer. Infotainment screen looks like cheap tablet bulk buy.

  • Gabi xod
    Gabi xod13 dager siden

    Buttons are for brainless people

  • Sigrid
    Sigrid14 dager siden

    I wonder if volkswagen will want to lend you any more cars calling the ID.4 as you do

  • darren
    darren14 dager siden

    fairly disappointed when the voice command collapsed

  • Shack
    Shack14 dager siden

    I’ll Avoid German and French cars thank you and wait for the Nissan Ariya to come out.. or go for a Kia 😊

  • valivr
    valivr14 dager siden

    Sorry VW, but this looks quite cheap at the interior compared with other VW models... even the Kodiaq has a nicer interior, at least for me. Looking forward for the Kodiaq's review Mat.

  • Winenut.TV
    Winenut.TV14 dager siden

    „Normal buttons“ That’s what you said about the Tesla 3 aswell. You‘re getting old mate..

  • Sam J
    Sam J14 dager siden

    Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

  • Sam J

    Sam J

    14 dager siden

    Batteries don’t last long when you put your foot down 🧐

  • santisizable
    santisizable15 dager siden

    Drum brakes? Are they kidding? On a 40 grand car. They must be in a real trouble. The only thing I like about this car is the range.

  • DIV51
    DIV5115 dager siden

    Watched this as wanted to buy one.... I'm staying away now will look at the merc

  • DIV51
    DIV5115 dager siden

    Exterior is ugly

  • Andrei Cranga
    Andrei Cranga15 dager siden

    We are definitely saving the planet with all of these electric "whales" :( Well, at least I hope we will get all of the older Diesels out of cities :)

  • Lucian Grig
    Lucian Grig15 dager siden

    lol ... drum brakes in the back for a 2 tone car... well done vw ... well done ... :( ( just to explain, it might be ok for a straight line stop, but for the electronic stability system is not that ok for the drum brakes as they do not have the same precise behavior of an disk brake )

  • AS K
    AS K15 dager siden

    The OS is so bad

  • Jared Chamney
    Jared Chamney16 dager siden

    The Volkswagen ID series are my least favourite EV's.

  • sandile wonderboy
    sandile wonderboy17 dager siden

    Ugly exterior

  • MRsjovealek
    MRsjovealek17 dager siden

    I just test drove the vw id.4. I must say that i was not impressed compared to test driving a tesla model 3. The id.4 had a really firm suspension and it felt terrible slow. even worse was the infotainment system that was not nearly as good and intuative as the Tesla's

  • Bjørn
    Bjørn18 dager siden

    Boooring design

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan18 dager siden

    Within the price range, this is the most hideous interior in any EV.

  • Arslàán Raza
    Arslàán Raza18 dager siden

    40k electric vehicle without electric steering column and seat adjustments. Not good VW

  • Aleksandar Milošević
    Aleksandar Milošević18 dager siden

    They'we coppied Toyota in front, and a Renault from the back. Shame.

  • Tim
    Tim19 dager siden

    I don’t understand why every journalist hates the missing rear window buttons ... If we‘re honest you barely need to open the bacl windows anyway ... so not really a point to mention in every review 😂

  • Simon Peart
    Simon Peart19 dager siden

    You can’t call something the new car for the people at £40,000 🤔

  • Oliver Garcia
    Oliver Garcia19 dager siden

    Carwow, best car reviewer. VW failed greatly. Years after Tesla arrived and still can't come close to matching them

  • MrVoayer
    MrVoayer19 dager siden

    I think you should go straight ahead and avoid Volkswagen ID.4 ! For all those horrible software glitches, for user interface with no buttons, for drum breaks in 21st centry, for inexplicable cheap. scratchy plastic that costs 40 grands ! Goodness, gracious me what were they thinking there in Wolfsburg? If the thechnology is not mature yet - and it is not !!! - do not force it upon us ! Not for 40 grands ! No !

    CYBER MEDIA RS20 dager siden

    Voltswagen💝💖💯 it the best

  • Ryan Young
    Ryan Young20 dager siden

    oooooof. I'm in the market for upgrading to an electric car, and I was hoping this was it. But this was a fantastic, albeit brutal, review. I'll keep looking it seems.

  • Twiin Central
    Twiin Central20 dager siden

    The irony of VW potentially being leaders in electrical/electronics lol. Wouldn’t trust them though.

  • MilesAnastasios87
    MilesAnastasios8720 dager siden

    Who will buy this when theres the Peugeot 3008?

  • Edward Paltridge
    Edward Paltridge20 dager siden

    Sounds brilliant, I really like the car. Thanks for shortlisting it Matt.

  • ChampIzTheName
    ChampIzTheName21 dag siden

    I would never let this prick touch my car even if he had to move it outside. Even if its not a fantastic car you respect what you didn't buy he just acts like its a tin can

  • Burton Yan
    Burton Yan21 dag siden

    High bonnet is probably for pedestrian safety.

  • C L
    C L21 dag siden

    complete trash of a car.. what is VW thinking. I see a sea of them at dealers and no buyers.

  • John French
    John French21 dag siden

    This car is a dinosaur already compared to Ioniq5 and EV6. In fact its already virtually obsolete.

  • thisNeXTguy8487
    thisNeXTguy848722 dager siden

    And drum brakes in the back make 100% perfect sense in light of the re-gen system!!

  • thisNeXTguy8487
    thisNeXTguy848722 dager siden

    All of the “hard interior plastics” criticisms should go right out the door when considering practicality involving children on a consistent basis, or is it just me?

  • Brian Parkinson
    Brian Parkinson22 dager siden

    We just drove the ID4 1st Edition here in S. California and it has wireless charging, pano roof with power closing shade, and the power boot. Clearly, VW has released different 1st Edition models in Europe than the ones here in the USA.

  • Mister B
    Mister B22 dager siden

    Way to many adverts,so much so ,skipped half of review!If this continues won't bother with Carwow video reviews-shame !

  • Peter McLelland
    Peter McLelland22 dager siden

    Someone came up with this on an iPad ? It's a 'Noddy' car ! I'd sack the whole design department ! Unbelievable !

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew22 dager siden

    Appreciate your honesty on the pricing Matt, good on you.

  • Jos vermeulen
    Jos vermeulen22 dager siden

    Love the honesty about the savings.

    FITRA HASANAH23 dager siden

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  • Matthew Zielinski
    Matthew Zielinski23 dager siden

    The skillful roll principally paste because sign proportionally arrive amid a invincible sampan. simplistic, irritating word

  • kevin n
    kevin n24 dager siden

    Tesla Model 3.... I drove that for 45 minutes and I wanted to put my fist through that awful "screen do everything" by the end of my drive. Build quality was crap too. I'll wait to test drive the ID4 AWD, Mach E and the IONIQ 5 AWD.

  • Irishgamer01
    Irishgamer0124 dager siden

    Multi-Media system is awful and broken according to most reviewers, he just brushes past it? Strange.

  • Tone Capone
    Tone Capone24 dager siden

    There are HARDLY ANY Positive Comments about this ID.4 !!! VW will probably add self Vaccinating Vehicles next, since they seem to want to hop on the WORLD Train -OLD VW Cars for the PEOPLE, NEW VW Cars for the SYSTEM

  • Tone Capone
    Tone Capone24 dager siden

    Hes RUNNING AWAY FROM IT at the End . ..that should be a HINT

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum24 dager siden

    looks like ID4 is a response to Tesla's challenge by VW done in a hurry. If VW couldn't come up with an answer for model 3, I guess it is a bit hard for everyone else.

  • Malcolm Connah
    Malcolm Connah24 dager siden

    Lot of damning with feint praise here. I test drove an ID.3, and it was very competent... but boring...

  • Bilal Samsudeen
    Bilal Samsudeen24 dager siden

    I like cameraman Jack

  • blackhawk2429
    blackhawk242924 dager siden

    It's much better if second row seat can fold flat.

  • rj hinde
    rj hinde25 dager siden

    How could VW stuff this up so badly? This is a backward step compared to the ID.3 -which itself was barely an improvement over the Golf. Usability has gone out the window; efficiency doesn't seem to matter anymore (do people think because it is electric, that doesn't matter?)

    SUWON KIL26 dager siden

    Chicago to Texas round trip, according to, ID4 takes 46 hrs total, with 9hr44min of charging time. Model Y 43hr 19min total with 6hr 17min of charging time. Model 3, 42 hrs total with 5hr 35min charging time. For ID4, only a few DC charging stalls at each charging location. Not looking good! ID4 is too heavy for its range and size...

  • Jamie Hughes
    Jamie Hughes26 dager siden

    13:56 "You're not having to have a jolly good tug" :o