Toyota GR Yaris v Mitsubishi Evo VI - DRAG RACE *Tommi Makinen Showdown*


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How’s this for an old school vs new school drag race!
We’ve got Mat in his all-new Toyota GR Yaris, and he’s going up against Yianni in the Mitsubishi Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition! And even if there’s 20 years between these two competitors, they’re actually more closely matched than you may think…
First up we have the GR Yaris. Powered by a 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol, it can produce 261hp and 360Nm, while it also comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. As for the Evo VI? Well it has 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol, which can produce 276hp and 373Nm! And of course, no surprise to hear that it’s a manual as well.
So they're pretty similar, right? What’s more, they’re both closely connected to legendary rally driver Tommi Makinen! While the Evo VI we have here is the Tommi Makinen edition (due to him previously winning the WRC in an Evo VI), he was also Team Principal for the Toyota Gazoo Racing, a rally team currently leading the WRC!
So what do you think - an easy win for the GR Yaris? Or will the classic Evo take it?
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson CarsMåned siden

    Hi Mat here. What would you like Yianni and I to race next?

  • Alex Gerontzos

    Alex Gerontzos

    14 dager siden

    Race all the cars!!! Yianni is amazing!

  • MrWaheedulHaque


    Måned siden

    NHS Ambulance vs Firetruck

  • Ayush Kumar Sinha

    Ayush Kumar Sinha

    Måned siden

    On foot!

  • Seran Pinker

    Seran Pinker

    Måned siden

    The mk8 golf R against your A45s Mat

  • Michael Hillman

    Michael Hillman

    Måned siden

    Ford Focus st mk2 vs Honda Civic type r ep3 both standard

  • Sterling Phoenix
    Sterling Phoenix52 minutter siden

    YESSS YESSS YESSS.. much love for willing to pay 3k for a clutch.. I would be willing as well.. give me 3 chances I bet 2 out of 3 I will win.. note I've have a clutch car as of now (15 years ago was the last one I owned and it was a zx6-e1 motorcycle).

  • Ghfd Fdbjk
    Ghfd Fdbjk3 timer siden

    This dirty guy Has no clue nie to drive the Evo !

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson3 timer siden

    The dude in the lancer is a fuckin bad driver who should never make a car video make it hard to watch

  • fatwalletboy2
    fatwalletboy27 timer siden

    That evo is 4.4 to 60 so what went wrong. Yianni can wrap cars but hes no driver.....

  • Lee John
    Lee John8 timer siden

    9:11 whats wrong with this guy in a red car

  • Felix Coley
    Felix Coley9 timer siden

    Did yianni just hiss his teeth 🤣

  • Av Sorong
    Av Sorong10 timer siden

    Never mess with 4G63T, its a supercar killer engine

  • Goran Svraka
    Goran Svraka14 timer siden

    Evo driver sux balls!

  • Allance Sebu
    Allance Sebu20 timer siden

    Real man use 3 padle

  • SOHC jer
    SOHC jer22 timer siden

    He shud launch at 5-6krpm and you 'll see the evo fly..

  • Juan Sipag
    Juan SipagDag siden

    WTF! Get out of my car and i'll show you the power of my EVO!!!

  • Koray Ant
    Koray AntDag siden

    Bro just drive the fkn car. You talk guys talk alot if shit

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian DoyleDag siden

    Yanni popping up everywhere....!

  • Maksim.73
    Maksim.73Dag siden

    Lmao thats funny evos r still kicking ass😂

  • Zint ZR
    Zint ZRDag siden

    please please please find a better driver for evo. it's really annoying to watch

  • Clay10
    Clay10Dag siden

    The evo needs a better driver,even the evo knows it.

  • ABA SA
    ABA SADag siden

    whats with the marble white teeth

  • Cristóbal Cárdenas
    Cristóbal CárdenasDag siden

    Evos will bog easily if you don’t ride the clutch during launch!

  • gavin ducco
    gavin duccoDag siden

    Next time atleast put a competent driver behind the legendary evo6 tm

  • Sergey MATPOC
    Sergey MATPOCDag siden

    Yaris vs STI...?

  • s
    s2 dager siden

    3 cylinder ?????

  • Omi Biswas
    Omi Biswas2 dager siden

    I knew it !

  • saleh
    saleh2 dager siden

    Damn 1.3 kgs 😱

  • Billy Paschal
    Billy Paschal2 dager siden

    Having a lot of money doesn't mean you can drive! Just saying..... Mat you are awesome!

  • Pathster
    Pathster2 dager siden

    Get a donkey.. he will drive manual better than this guy..

  • Civicdiablo
    Civicdiablo2 dager siden

    Very rusty on the gear shifting for the Evo....

  • Jdrew Known
    Jdrew Known2 dager siden

    Manual equals driver. Driver sucks=looser

  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill2 dager siden

    That is an absolutely stupid way to do a roll race

  • Eternal Me
    Eternal Me2 dager siden

    Oh Mat.....not the 15 sec. ads, c' mon man.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson2 dager siden

    The Irony here. Two vehicles, two manufacturers, yet the same lead engineer.

  • 0510wa
    0510wa3 dager siden

    yani cmon mahn🤦‍♂️😅

  • Kyle Stoudt
    Kyle Stoudt3 dager siden

    Get the same cars and do comfort mode vs a race mode or track mode

  • Jesse
    Jesse3 dager siden

    Hands 10-2. oh god he's already to a bad start

  • tommy ho
    tommy ho3 dager siden

    Toyota is dreaming with money. Rather get a civic type r then that pos gr Yaris

  • Mark
    Mark3 dager siden

    The drag race we never knew we needed!

  • Zedition sing channel Revo Thailand
    Zedition sing channel Revo Thailand3 dager siden

    good mitsubishi evo like

  • Jayvee Baltazar
    Jayvee Baltazar3 dager siden

    Yianni has been overrevving, late shifting the TME. The moment you shift past 7k rpm on those 4G63Ts you will lose a lot of torque through the next gear. I reckon the TME would beat the GR with a proper driver

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson4 dager siden

    I see regular versions of that new yaris and I have to admit they look quite sporty.

  • Maggifixx
    Maggifixx4 dager siden

    You two could do some Top Gear stuff

  • Indarow
    Indarow4 dager siden

    I’m so glad we’re getting the gr Yaris in the US... ... oh wait. Siiiiigh... it’s r32-34 all over again.

  • ComeTopapa PH
    ComeTopapa PH4 dager siden

    Evo 6 driver noob

  • Johnny Xiong
    Johnny Xiong4 dager siden

    Stupid Toyota Corporation, didn't sell GR Yaris in America! 💔

  • Flex030
    Flex0305 dager siden

    Yianni very disappointing... Yaris still did well.

  • uzair307
    uzair3075 dager siden

    Nice race

  • Maxi ?!?
    Maxi ?!?5 dager siden

    I refuse to believe that any evo can be beaten by a yaris

  • LarDi DK
    LarDi DK5 dager siden

    Whats good about making a 2020 Toyota, that cant beat a mitsubishi from 2000😅

  • Jegan Jegan
    Jegan Jegan5 dager siden

    Tommi makinen is my dream car#evo always kill😎🔥

  • Anthony R.
    Anthony R.5 dager siden

    in Mitsubishi I remember Richard Burns

  • Jim Davidson
    Jim Davidson5 dager siden

    Can we get a competent second driver that's not constantly blaming the car?

  • Βασίλης Μίχος
    Βασίλης Μίχος6 dager siden

    The fat boy does not know how to change gears

  • Alex Trabal
    Alex Trabal6 dager siden

    These are not 12.5 second 1/4 mile cars fellas. Someone doesnt know how to use that stopwatch?

  • Tobias Holst
    Tobias Holst6 dager siden

    Evo sounds better

  • Vignesh Jaishankar
    Vignesh Jaishankar6 dager siden

    Best of all drag race you guys ever did it gives me goosebumps 🤤 that evo 6🤤

  • leo
    leo7 dager siden

    Can I tell you a secret? I am 33 years old, and never in my life have I driven an automatic car

  • Jason
    Jason7 dager siden

    5 min of shit

  • Santiago 0.4.0
    Santiago 0.4.07 dager siden

    5:55 uuu it's close Yeah a whole car length close lmao

  • abin design's 511
    abin design's 5117 dager siden

    Evo all day

  • abin design's 511
    abin design's 5117 dager siden

    Evo 🔥

  • Jm Jm
    Jm Jm7 dager siden

    Yanni....that was granny shifting...

  • Sanchuka Alugolla
    Sanchuka Alugolla7 dager siden


    MTBMX7 dager siden


  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE7 dager siden

    Big guy cant drive🤣

  • VX 16 GAZ
    VX 16 GAZ8 dager siden

    Yanni couldn't drive a nail into a wall

  • stavros chav
    stavros chav8 dager siden

    never seen a worse lunch on an Evo in my life

  • Chrislee james Carreon
    Chrislee james Carreon8 dager siden

    Pls Do GR Yaris vs Evolution X Final Edition

  • advice sir
    advice sir8 dager siden

    Let tommi makinen drive that evo and let's see the result!

  • advice sir
    advice sir8 dager siden

    That evo VI is a legend.

  • MulletMan001
    MulletMan0019 dager siden

    The Evo sounds better

  • Richard Amos
    Richard Amos9 dager siden

    Wud be nice if they cud find two people who cud actually drive. Pair of numpties.

  • Alan Silver
    Alan Silver9 dager siden

    Yanni stick do what you do best whatever that is

  • adib muhammad
    adib muhammad9 dager siden

    Not have skill for the rider evo. Lol

  • S Hamster
    S Hamster9 dager siden

    Looks so shit the GR though

  • sonyviva308
    sonyviva3089 dager siden

    I also love the 5 litre fuel tank on my Lancer

  • Frank Semerak
    Frank Semerak9 dager siden

    Please do a DRAG RACE between the GR Yaris and the Yaris GRMN. That would be interesting!

  • Marc Emil
    Marc Emil9 dager siden

    Wow! Waste of my time. Maybe try to switch drivers next time.

  • Richard Pruitt
    Richard Pruitt9 dager siden

    dude don't know how to drive a manual

  • SketchbookGuitar
    SketchbookGuitar9 dager siden

    I hear louder exhaust and engine sound on a fully electric cars than these 2 cars drag racing

  • SketchbookGuitar
    SketchbookGuitar9 dager siden

    5:22 for people who want straight to the point

  • junaid alam
    junaid alam10 dager siden

    of time... bed video always

  • Pasierschein B 38
    Pasierschein B 3810 dager siden

    what car is better🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Autobacs jpn
    Autobacs jpn10 dager siden

    Both very close cars? Comparing a classic evo with a deep rooted history to a yaris is one of the biggest insults in automotive history..

  • Kelvin Cooke

    Kelvin Cooke

    8 dager siden

    I mean as he said they are both rally derived cars for the road, developed by the racing section of both brands. So yeah pretty similar

  • Llamaguy11
    Llamaguy1110 dager siden

    a WHAT steering wheel?......

  • Kembar Rizal
    Kembar Rizal10 dager siden

    video just show how bullshit ev6 tommi makkinen driver 😌

  • Lory Tuahta
    Lory Tuahta10 dager siden

    Idiot evo driver

  • Erratic Duck
    Erratic Duck10 dager siden

    Pickup,toyota,GM,x-class and the G-wagon

  • xr7 cars
    xr7 cars11 dager siden

    Whe need handling raice evo yaris in the top speed the evo should win shape of the body

  • Edward Ching
    Edward Ching11 dager siden

    I don't see the need for such a race. Evo had it's glory but it's like almost 20 years old. Losing to the latest technology is nothing to shame for, but why insist to do it again and again until finding a way to win but damaging the clutch or gear box? On top of that, both machine prove themselves ON THE TRACK but not to do drag race like teens. Is it the way to enjoy or to drive a car with strong blood link to rally race? Guess not.

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long11 dager siden

    You're gonna want to launch the evo at 5400rpm or its gonna bog down. AWD turbo cars need that very hard aggressive launch or you're better just not trying and just gasing it.

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long11 dager siden

    Making the comment before watching. If this Yaris doesnt just drag the evo I will be let down. This is coming from a guy who owns 2 evos. I mean one is a 25 year old car now.

  • ilhaam ashraf
    ilhaam ashraf11 dager siden

    5:26 is race

    ROMADAN POUZAN11 dager siden

    as u can see, 20 years of evo tech still can beat 2020 car, thats why evo is still a legend till now !

  • JvAdv
    JvAdv11 dager siden

    Evo6 still kicking.. how much more if evo 8 or 9 get race to yaris. 😂

  • enorym
    enorym11 dager siden

    Best gr Yaris review hands down

  • Wayne Barrett
    Wayne Barrett11 dager siden


  • Laluna Delcatore
    Laluna Delcatore11 dager siden

    Evo da

  • misfit
    misfit11 dager siden

    That Yaris doesn’t sound great. Obviously the Evo sounds better but maybe get The Stig in next time.

  • Scott Bell
    Scott Bell12 dager siden


  • Nithin Paul
    Nithin Paul12 dager siden

    01 car competing with a 2021 car & keeping up with it is "Legendary"! Miss the old Mitsubushi's!!.

  • Angelo Gonz
    Angelo Gonz12 dager siden

    Trash driver + gold car = poop