New Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 2021 - the world's quickest estate!


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This is the all-new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo… And it just might be the most practical EV in the world!
It’s the estate version of Porsche’s first all-electric car, and it’s clearly borrowed heavily from the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept that was first shown in 2018. In terms of practicality, there’s a host of new features, from a completely new roof (with optional roof rails), along with the ability to add a bike rack. The size of the boot has also increased (although, not massively!) to 446-litres.
Looking to go off-road? Then the Taycan Cross Turismo sport has you covered, with an all-new ‘gravel’ driving mode which raises the ride height of the car to handle any non-tarmac trails you try to conquer!
Elsewhere, it pretty much business as usual. The interior is largely the same, and when it comes to performance, the range-topping Turbo S can deliver 625hp, which increases to 761hp when you enable boost mode!
So what do you think - better than the regular Taycan? Let us know in the comments!
00:00 Intro
00:20 Design
01:21 Interior
01:51 Batteries
02:45 Driving
03:32 Practicality
04:27 Suspension
04:56 Performance
05:52 Off-road
06:40 Aerodynamics
07:14 Price
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  • SuperCatbert
    SuperCatbert10 dager siden

    super super cool

  • itsthemanwithcheese
    itsthemanwithcheese12 dager siden


  • Oliver Smiddy
    Oliver Smiddy13 dager siden

    Any idea when we'll get a proper review of the Cross Turismo? After the press launch three weeks ago there's been nothing in terms of detailed reviews.

  • Asif Ahmed Saykat
    Asif Ahmed Saykat13 dager siden

    very impressive design ..

  • Alex Vachon
    Alex Vachon16 dager siden

    The green one looks like a Hot Wheel!

  • Shreyansh Swain
    Shreyansh Swain16 dager siden

    They should make the mission e cross turismo concept instead of.....this.

  • Eisa Tech
    Eisa Tech17 dager siden

    I would rather buy the Porsche taycan turbo S

  • Dave Pyne
    Dave Pyne18 dager siden

    If I had that sort of money I d definitely consider it as its fast electric and room for my dogs and is not as useless as the other body shape.

  • Drew Bostonian
    Drew Bostonian18 dager siden

    Love it, does it come with a theft proof garage

  • Albert Ashraf
    Albert Ashraf22 dager siden

    Why does the Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S have rebadged Lamborghini wheels??? Is it me or is everyone seeing this??

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII23 dager siden

    1:57 *We just gonna ignore the fact that those are literally Lamborghini rims? I get they’re both owned by VW but really Porsche?* 😂

  • 2741718
    274171825 dager siden

    WOW! Really ugly

  • please leave
    please leave26 dager siden

    This looks so much better and refined than the first gen taycan.

  • BrainFuck10
    BrainFuck1027 dager siden

    All these shots of it driving off road but imagine running out of juice off road lol

  • N C
    N C27 dager siden

    Only a brit would rather to refer something as FRoot, than call by its true name of a FRunk.... FLMAO... BTW thx for the review and the laugh :)

  • Lamborghini Urus 2021-22
    Lamborghini Urus 2021-2227 dager siden

  • Elvin O
    Elvin O27 dager siden

    Looked like the mission E bulked up for a Iron man competition

  • Ricardo Marques
    Ricardo Marques27 dager siden

    Damn the Panamera looks old compared to this...

    •• RANDOM VIDEOS •28 dager siden

    I just bought mine I loved this car 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anders Pedersen
    Anders PedersenMåned siden

    Please do an in dept review of the taycan 4 cross truismo!

  • Lord Avgustin
    Lord AvgustinMåned siden

    One of the best porshe ever

  • Tiny Ntota
    Tiny NtotaMåned siden

    The green one looks like your RS6

  • Marc-Andre Desormeaux
    Marc-Andre DesormeauxMåned siden

    Ill be driving this in Forza tonight

  • Ludwig Borgqvist
    Ludwig BorgqvistMåned siden


  • ABA SA
    ABA SAMåned siden

    italian designers would eat this for breakfast

  • Dan Green
    Dan GreenMåned siden

    In the USA, the CT gets adaptive air suspension standard

  • Dávid Glasz
    Dávid GlaszMåned siden

    I can see a Volvo XC, Audi Allroad, Taycan CT and Skoda Scout comp. coming up...

  • Mark Fernando
    Mark FernandoMåned siden

    Where is those people called Tesla Fanboys 😂

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben BraekmanMåned siden

    The car looks sexy af but those screens are just not needed

  • Carbon FIBERC6
    Carbon FIBERC6Måned siden

    This looks so much better than I thought it would !! love it !

  • Arek Bremensztul
    Arek BremensztulMåned siden

    Asome i love this car in Poland jerrks have jouke (porsze jest gorsze) "porsze are worst) it's bull shit

  • Link
    LinkMåned siden

    I personally despise this kind of fat-wagons-sedans designs, ugliest thing to ever be put on planet Earth. Cannot believe there's people that like this design atrocity.

  • Persian Mystery Hub
    Persian Mystery HubMåned siden

    watching this while NOlocal send me notification that there isn't enough money in my card for my monthly youtube premium....

  • Johnie Blaze
    Johnie BlazeMåned siden


  • Ammar Bashouri
    Ammar BashouriMåned siden

    1:55 those wheels look like a lamborghini urus wheels

  • John Rigby
    John RigbyMåned siden

    I like it ..... complements the Cape Town scenery

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663Måned siden

    There should be no other vehicles that fit in seaside areas better than this one. It couldn't be better.

  • Tangchi Prathomo
    Tangchi PrathomoMåned siden

    Porsche only needs 911 and Taycan.

  • C BB
    C BBMåned siden

    What are the Taycan's competitors, Audi A3, Lexus CT200h, BMW 1?

  • snaplash
    snaplashMåned siden

    Looks like the hood (bonnet) has a hump from the side view. Might be the fenders though.

  • Ben Jammin
    Ben JamminMåned siden

    These 250 mile EVs' are weak. Tesla pushing into 520. What are you amateurs doing?

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemyMåned siden

    New Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 2021 - the world's smalles estate trunk! only 10% larger than the sedan version, and even same size on the turbo versions. and half the volume of most wagons. I guess its measured only below the trunk cover and it will still be much more usable that the regular taycan espacially for large items. but

  • Granny Gives Head
    Granny Gives HeadMåned siden

    This looks pretty nice, but it's an EV. I'll pass, not practical where I live

  • 5eX0
    5eX0Måned siden

    Yaris GR is an estate now?!?

  • Liam Tully
    Liam TullyMåned siden


  • OdysseyTag
    OdysseyTagMåned siden

    Not a bad comment in sight. Rightfully so - this car is gorgeous.

  • JadeRabbit
    JadeRabbitMåned siden

    taycan needs an interior upgrade

  • Mathieu Cossette
    Mathieu CossetteMåned siden

    Arghhhhhh! Hate black plastic wheel arches!

  • Jim Fisher
    Jim FisherMåned siden

    This is awesome, and definitely the one I'd choose over the Taycan "sedan"

  • Eddie Mac
    Eddie MacMåned siden

    This vehicle is insane!! It’s eye candy with a tap on gas . . . Yeah, I note the clever irony . . .

  • Oldysrv
    OldysrvMåned siden

    Ugly AF

  • rockervdrive
    rockervdriveMåned siden

    I'm glad they made an estate version, but who would take these offroad? The wheelbase is so long and ground clearance not much higher. Imagine the high voltage batteries getting damaged or punctured!

  • GhostSlayer81
    GhostSlayer81Måned siden

    look like a freaking porsche cayenne got pressed by press machine !!!

  • Scott McInnes
    Scott McInnesMåned siden

    The concept of 9 hours for a full charge on 11kW charger really doesn’t make any sense. Who gets home with 0% in the pack? We should stop advertising such ridiculous figures

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad AliMåned siden

    Looks sick. How can they make such beautiful curves

  • Theo Knows Cars
    Theo Knows CarsMåned siden

    That reminds me of the panamera

  • Mike Damkalidis
    Mike DamkalidisMåned siden

    Anyone know where these videos were shot ?

  • Coyote
    CoyoteMåned siden

    Off-roading!! ..........You won't find many chargers in the wilderness!! You'll need some jerry cans of electricity. The outrageous HP stats make me laugh you rag these vehicles and you will experience range anxiety PDQ.

  • Leonardo Godoy
    Leonardo GodoyMåned siden

    Reminds me of a Light Koenigsegg Gemera

  • Leonardo Godoy
    Leonardo GodoyMåned siden

    Sold! ❤️👍💪💪💪

  • kenneth law
    kenneth lawMåned siden

    Same car, more practicality, looks better Why don’t make it standard

  • Paul Zernick
    Paul ZernickMåned siden

    Turismo all day long. 4dr coupes are shit. And in green, the only way to go. Panemera tourismo? Probably. Bigger with a burble. 😉👍

  • Harshal Patil
    Harshal PatilMåned siden

    One of the estate cars I like.

  • Andy Clark
    Andy ClarkMåned siden

    I like it, but why have a jutting out front splitter in an 'off-roading' variant??

  • I Reckon
    I ReckonMåned siden

    Yeah, I like this. 👍

  • Gavrilo King
    Gavrilo KingMåned siden

    The cost of these cars is pure insanity. How much is Porsche making in profit? Surely to produce such a car it is less than 50% of the msrp?

  • Craig Jackson
    Craig JacksonMåned siden

    Estates for life! 🤤😊

  • Michael Esarey
    Michael EsareyMåned siden

    I feel like this will be my first electric my opinion if it's got 4 doors, it may as well be a shooting brake/wagon.

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastnameMåned siden

    it looks amazing. if only i had liquidated into GME back in december.

  • J024
    J024Måned siden

    SO ugly....

  • David Prince
    David PrinceMåned siden

    I want some :)

  • Shaun Davenport
    Shaun DavenportMåned siden

    Hate Porsches normally but this is Nice!!!

  • guss25100
    guss25100Måned siden

    Should we call it Panaman or Taymera?

  • Altaaf Ismail
    Altaaf IsmailMåned siden

    Those mags are flames 🔥

  • Lyosey
    LyoseyMåned siden

    DID HE SAY 5 METERS LONG? BRUH THIS SHIT IS 2 METERS WIDE... I CAN FIT IN THE BOOT.. STRAIGHTENED AND I STILL HAVE ROOM Theres gotta some mistake here.. there's no way its this big

  • Keinno Johannes
    Keinno JohannesMåned siden

    This one looks perfect

  • Freddie Appleby
    Freddie ApplebyMåned siden

    It's great to see a proper nice looking estate car. If I had the cash this would defiantly be the ultimate DIY/family/dog car.

  • Tomaso Mariotti
    Tomaso MariottiMåned siden

    Simply the best.... Amazing looking.. 👏

  • Russ
    RussMåned siden

    Alpina B5 still the fastest estate out there tho (322km/h)

  • orko ladro bog
    orko ladro bogMåned siden

    RS6 still kickass against this

  • Johnny D
    Johnny DMåned siden

    In the white colour the wheels look like they were made by Lamborghini 😳

  • Tovarisch
    TovarischMåned siden

    Its gorgeous

  • Thomas Glavelis
    Thomas GlavelisMåned siden

    Amazing looks!! Now give it an engine! 😁

  • Project Tomorrow
    Project TomorrowMåned siden

    6:10 once I was lost in downtown San Diego . too many one way streets. my Saab 9-5 has a compass . so I just drove north until I hit my freeway . low tech high use .

  • Geert Romain
    Geert RomainMåned siden

    So you make promotional videos for your Carwow scam, and we still have to watch two commercials...? #greedy

  • aryan1717
    aryan1717Måned siden

    Looks like a mini countryman made a steroid baby with a mazda 3. :/

  • Jayson Tang
    Jayson TangMåned siden

    I think it looks better then the normal one

  • Frankie Hoosier
    Frankie HoosierMåned siden

    Spit out the man come and maybe someone could understand what you’re blabbing on and on about. I don’t know why anyone cares though ! You’re welcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone had to say it.

  • Ray
    RayMåned siden

    This look with the Panameras Twin Turbo V8 would have been amazing, sometimes I don't know what Porsche is thinking. It's like when they put the cooler lot modern interior that should have been in the Carerra into the Cayman instead 🤷🏻

  • Ritwiz Rai
    Ritwiz RaiMåned siden

    Aren't these the exact same wheels as the ones that come with the urus. 1:56

  • Geoffrey Augusto
    Geoffrey AugustoMåned siden

    Thank you Porsche for making this available in the US!!!! Wooooot!!

  • Coastal Rider
    Coastal RiderMåned siden

    Love it

  • Joey DeLorenzo
    Joey DeLorenzoMåned siden

    I'm still trying to figure out what "80 way" adjustable seats are.

  • Josh Lee
    Josh LeeMåned siden

    The green version looks like a giant frog.

  • Alexander Kovarik
    Alexander KovarikMåned siden

    The only thing I have a problem with is, who is this for?

  • mosfet amplifier
    mosfet amplifierMåned siden

    Beautiful, where do I sign

  • An honda Civic
    An honda CivicMåned siden

    This looks better than the saloon version imo

  • Trig Trigger
    Trig TriggerMåned siden

    Extra silver and black plastic trim..... You sold it!!

  • edward mcdonald
    edward mcdonaldMåned siden

    love it

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai PetreMåned siden

    Vhis ahh Porshaa Taycan turbo, yaa? Vee are moar restraint than the Italians und we don't shaat about our performance but vee will CRASH them!