Mercedes EQA 2021 review - see what I really think about it!


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This is the new Mercedes EQA!
You can probably already tell it’s based on the Mercedes GLA, but of course, there’s one key difference - the EQA is all-electric! The question is, should you really consider paying several thousand pounds more to go electric?
Well, the EQA has a 66.5kWh battery pack which powers a single front motor. This can produce 190hp and 375Nm of torque. Four-wheel-drive variants are due to in the future, but for now, you’ll have to settle with front-wheel-drive only.
When it comes to powering up your EQA, it has the ability to charge up to 100kWh, which will help boost your battery from 10% to 80% full in just 30 minutes, which isn’t too bad!
As for interior space & practicality, well, it’s all pretty similar to the GLA, although you may have to compromiseimise a little on space to accommodate the battery pack!
So what do you think - could the EQA change the game for small all-electric SUVs? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:26 Price
01:31 Exterior Design
03:10 Interior
04:19 Back Seats
05:32 Boot
06:17 Five Annoying Features
07:33 Five Good Features
08:58 Battery & Motors
09:26 Driving
13:17 Range
14:02 Verdict
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  • Goa Way
    Goa WayDag siden

    So how many miles can it get in a charge? And do they sell it America?

  • Fernando Faustino
    Fernando Faustino3 dager siden

    Mercedes' EQs have a big problem, we can't control the time we want the car to start or finish charging. Once connected, they start charging immediately. A major software failure.

  • E L
    E L4 dager siden

    May have good build quality but based on an old IEC car platfrom and a front wheel drive car.

  • khalil FreeMan
    khalil FreeMan4 dager siden

    Why does the exterior looks like a honda?

  • kevin n
    kevin n4 dager siden

    All German car's should be preloaded with Kraftwerk. Did their "the model" song ever hit number 1???

  • D C
    D C4 dager siden

    Great review as ever Matt. Government grant is no longer available on cars over £35k and it has been reduced for those cars to £2500. I test drove a Tesla last week and the dealer told me Tesla had dropped their prices as a result....why wen’t they lower to start with? Will other car makers drop their inflated EV prices now as well?

  • Peter
    Peter5 dager siden

    Rear seats are really a turn off :(

  • Dennis
    Dennis5 dager siden

    Those low back seats are a joke

  • Markus Jonsson
    Markus Jonsson6 dager siden

    I am going to miss diesel cars... :(

  • Piotr Podgórski
    Piotr Podgórski6 dager siden

    That tail light bar is basically Lexus UX...

  • rho y.
    rho y.7 dager siden

    Nah. I'll take the Tesla Model Y.

  • Mp_20
    Mp_207 dager siden

    When EVs can start doing decent range car manufacturers will most definitely go back to using nice alloys..

  • lesengir
    lesengir8 dager siden

    what is a nappa leather?

  • Theodore Vasilopoulos
    Theodore Vasilopoulos9 dager siden

    The worst thing about this car is that I'm poor...

  • alexbubububu
    alexbubububu10 dager siden

    would u pls pls do the eqv too ? thx

  • Pablo
    Pablo10 dager siden

    Cheap design, it looks awful.

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil11 dager siden

    hands down that's a great looking car.

  • Harry Axe
    Harry Axe14 dager siden

    Mat, U.S. GLA statrs at 36,500 approx.

  • Tony Kwok
    Tony Kwok14 dager siden

    The back seat is terrible

  • Sam J
    Sam J14 dager siden

    Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

  • Oliver Buckley
    Oliver Buckley15 dager siden

    I would not buy an electric for another 9 Years at least, to expensive, and don't go far enough on a charge, stick with Diesel by far the best, my GLA does 800 miles on a fill, and it has add blue and all that is going out into the atmosphere is vapor which is totally harmless.......

  • abcd
    abcd18 dager siden

    Mercedes best cars!

  • Anis Bannour
    Anis Bannour18 dager siden

    Guys what's the song at the end. I love it

  • L.E. Robbo
    L.E. Robbo19 dager siden

    Test drove this car today, AMG line. Though the overal feel is premium some buttons as well as the turn signal lever feel cheap. The adaptive cruise works well but can be a bit unpredictable. Lot of wind noise too. All in all a nice decent car, but taking the max range of 300km into account I think I'll wait for a bit.

  • C ls
    C ls20 dager siden

    The rear seat simply doesn't allow any reasonable seating, not to mention a comfortable one, nor even a luxury one. It's a passenger car worth more than 40 grand! Sitting in the back in a Tesla model s is a detestable thing, why Mercedes repeats the same mistake?

  • Trevor C
    Trevor C21 dag siden

    No more govmt grant on this as it’s more than £35k

  • L L
    L L21 dag siden

    What a boring car lmao the new Peugeot 308 looks 10 times better

  • קארטיוב
    קארטיוב22 dager siden

    By the way, we already have EQC and now EQA, what will be the name of the equivalent electric C class and A class? I think Benz didn't put a thought about the EQ naming.

  • Julian Qt
    Julian Qt22 dager siden

    Disgusting car. You can sweet talk it all you want. It looks like shit and I will NEVER buy an electric vehicle unless it looks like a petrol.

  • JJS
    JJS23 dager siden

    So are you no longer giving out vehicles specs like Bhp and torque???

  • Mark H
    Mark H23 dager siden

    Why don’t I ever see the pop out banner?

  • Serhiy 123
    Serhiy 12325 dager siden

    Matt spent 14 min to tell us *"EQA = shit"* as politely as possible. 2 tons, unbearable back seats, no towing, ugly, no adaptive cruise, no storage room, SLOW, THIRSTY, NO RANGE, *EXPENSIVE*

  • Pier Paolo Polla
    Pier Paolo Polla26 dager siden

    Having seen your model 3 review I’m disappointed by Mercedes. Usually people say Mercedes has better quality and fine details that make it better than Tesla but I don’t see anything like that on this car, I mean there is no cover in the bonnet !!!!! My Fiesta has a cover over the engine!!!

  • Lee Edens
    Lee Edens26 dager siden

    So, Mercedes didn’t learn anything from the EQC, the EQA is basically an EV version of the GLA whereas the EQC was a longer version of the GLC (yes, an EV version), car companies tried this set up with ICE models as EV models before, I was expecting more from Mercedes, guess we’ll have to wait for the EQS (which bring the EQS sedan, EQS SUV and EQE sedan), since it’s getting a dedicated design EV platform, as for this EQA it’s not a Tesla Model Y fighter, being fwd based and a subcompact / small compact, it’s more of a Chevy Bout EUV fighter, the EQA is closer to the Buick Velite 7 than the Tesla Model Y also, last I checked the Model Y was RWD based not fwd like the EQA, I look for Tesla stock price to keep increasing, the Germans keep dropping the ball, the Audi e-tron SUV (aka Q6) didn't offer the range or size for the price point, the Porsche Taycan didn't offer the range and the interior space is nowhere near the Model S, hence a problem, the ID3 / ID4 are interesting but too slow, but at least the new VW Group MEB platform is interesting, we will have to see future models, BMW offered the i3 EV / EREV and i8 plugin, now BMW has the new iX coming with a dedicated design EV platform (but, only for this model, why), all other BMW models will be based off existing platforms with EV internals

  • Kagiso Tlhabano
    Kagiso TlhabanoMåned siden

    Genuinely disappointed at how Mercedes cars look nowadays.

  • Sebastian Daniels
    Sebastian DanielsMåned siden

    I agree with Mat about the EQA, it's a nice electric car, but there are compromises to make which not most people would do.

  • jonas
    jonasMåned siden


  • R J
    R JMåned siden

    Less space, awkward rear seating, same interior, less range,more price...What was Mercedes thinking ??

  • Usman Khalid
    Usman KhalidMåned siden

    Elegant and beauty from Swiss German car Mercedes.

  • afghan Niaz
    afghan NiazMåned siden

    My man is driving around Cricklewoood/kilburn area. Be careful !

  • Abhigya Ishan
    Abhigya IshanMåned siden

    This Car costs $90,000 in India.

  • noraneko nekomatagi
    noraneko nekomatagiMåned siden

    6:50 what's that yellow baggy in the door storage bin? do they make first aid kit in yellow these days?

  • Alok
    AlokMåned siden


  • Runar Kvamme
    Runar KvammeMåned siden

    Why? every video om adhd!! And try to be "funny" ... cringe🙈🙈.

  • Missaka Iddamalgoda
    Missaka IddamalgodaMåned siden

    Avoid It. 1. 🤢 front 2. Outdated looking rims. And it looks like the rim is bulged outwards more than the tire wall. So it is going to really curb happy. 3. The two tone interior seems to get on the nerves.

  • 7S POWER
    7S POWERMåned siden

    7:12 Hey Mat, how come you didn't place any tree branch sticks in the motor compartment as you did in the ID.4 car review? Two sets of standards?

  • Tim Ford Falcon XF
    Tim Ford Falcon XFMåned siden

    While i LOVE v8s mercs and petrol. The end is coming. The EQ is proof cars can be ev and good. EQA is nice. But i will go for a EQC or later S class EV ( that EQS )

  • Tom Dutch
    Tom DutchMåned siden

    LOL 180 miles is a joke. I drive a GLC with a 66L tank and get fuel anxiety when my range hits 200miles remaining. I’d not feel safe having that as a total amount of miles...

  • San Constantino Boutique Villa
    San Constantino Boutique VillaMåned siden

    it doesn't have drl?

  • rudraksh mahajan
    rudraksh mahajanMåned siden

    Is something wrong with the video or NOlocal? Everytime Matt asks us to look at something popping up on the top right hand corner, I don't see anything

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663Måned siden

    This seems to catch up with Volvo's counterpart in terms of its sophisticated look.

  • Shahram Torki
    Shahram TorkiMåned siden

    Going for the numba too was gold

  • Lado Z
    Lado ZMåned siden

    I bet the Ioniq 5 will wipe the floor with this expensive poor effort.

  • MLEすずつき
    MLEすずつきMåned siden

    request for Japan…😆

  • Gyorgy Kormendi
    Gyorgy KormendiMåned siden

    Driving light, lighting. Not on it?

  • Yeshpal Singh
    Yeshpal SinghMåned siden

    You have always been critical and biased towards Mercs compared to its British counterparts..watching ur videos since years now...but now I doubt would do it again... shame

  • krzysiekg1983
    krzysiekg1983Måned siden

    No dlr lights on the eqa? 🤔

  • uvsmealldayeveryday
    uvsmealldayeverydayMåned siden

    Mercedes is going downhill nowadays. Fake AMG's marketed as ,,AMG-enchanced models" which is complete bullshit, uglier and uglier new designs, AMG line on an ev hatchback-crossover, 4 cylinder C63 AMG..... WTF is going on with Mercedes, BMW and Audi lately? Yes, the eu regulations are nowadays getting more and more absurd everyday, but how Porsche still makes great products and haven't ruined their designs? (yet)

  • Design Mind
    Design MindMåned siden

    I actually really like the front bumper. It’s no fuss, I feel like most brands feel like it needs so much styling, minimalism is always better

  • Devin W
    Devin WMåned siden

    Volvo camera car 😁

  • Geemitha Senanayake
    Geemitha SenanayakeMåned siden

    Isnt this design is copied like tucson ,tail light

  • Mark Brisec
    Mark BrisecMåned siden

    I don't think that this approach Mercedes decided to take for their EV cars is the right one.. Making EV and ICE powered vehicles very similar is not what the customers want.. Especially for the interior design.. But then again I've recently seen a video about Mercedes' new hyperscreen technology which will be included into their higher end EV cars, and all that I can say is WOW... These curvy OLED screens make the Tesla's single screen look like a 1985 Bronco's interior.

  • Jeffrey Li
    Jeffrey LiMåned siden

    Looks really boring

  • A M
    A MMåned siden

    This car is a perfect example of exposing which auto maker is and isn't serious about making a true EV. It's absolutely pointless to develop and EV based on an ICE vehicle.

  • Gary
    GaryMåned siden

    These cars which were originally designed with the intention of petrol/diesel engines need to die a death. You pay all that money for a car which has been adapted to take batteries and electric motors, instead of designed to take them. As a result, you lose boot space, end up with masses of wasted space under the bonnet (hood) and, a higher centre of gravity. It's not good enough on a premium £50k car.

  • SixPotShot
    SixPotShotMåned siden

    What Artico is Real Plastic - Eco? Only in the imagination of eco-warriors. Another attack on intelligence and MB having a laugh keeping the real leather money in the bank and selling you cheap plastic...

  • evtrekker13
    evtrekker13Måned siden

    Nice review as always. I will say that speed bumps are where you'd want to use the one pedal driving feature. Super easy since acceleration and decelerations are seamless.

  • grandcalifornia
    grandcaliforniaMåned siden

    Why do manufactures lie about the mileage per single charge? They should test the car in all environments and present the lowest achieved mileage per single charge.

  • Josh Mateo
    Josh MateoMåned siden

    The rear looks VERY similar to the Lexus UX.

  • Aleck Mc
    Aleck McMåned siden

    The back seat is a clear deal-breaker, I'm afraid. In fact, it's a botched job Mercedes should be ashamed of.

  • Ohforahill


    Måned siden

    It's as if Mercedes have treated this as an afterthought.

  • MrKlaw
    MrKlawMåned siden

    £1500 for active cruise is disappointing when so many other EVs have it as standard at much lower prices. If it was comparable in spec to a model 3 at the standard price it might be interesting - although maybe you can get some options for a similar price to the model Y?

  • James jack
    James jackMåned siden

    I feel like it just looks a little too boring , interior is lovely but the exterior could do with a wee more flash yanno ? X

  • Neil Holmes
    Neil HolmesMåned siden

    Skoda Enyaq please a proper EV............................................still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Hone
    Jack HoneMåned siden

    It’s colder weather you will get close to 250 in summer

  • Outdoor Olli
    Outdoor OlliMåned siden

    GLA: I'm your father! EQA: Noooooo!!!!

  • Obloms
    OblomsMåned siden

    This car illustrates why manufacturers should build one from scratch and not try to put in bunch of batteries into existing platform.

    D MOTORS ZA TMMåned siden

    It looks exactly like the new Hyundai Tucson

  • serendipityuk
    serendipityukMåned siden

    Couldn’t be less interested in this car.

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue VoterMåned siden

    It's coming folks, whether you like it or not. The wave of new electric vehicles is hitting, and Tesla's stock bubble is about to burst. By this time next year Tesla stock will be $250, on it's way down to $100 by 2024.

  • CZ CZ
    CZ CZMåned siden

    Just too expensive for what you get

  • Václav Skalický
    Václav SkalickýMåned siden

    The design is so terrible😳

  • Michael Shenton
    Michael ShentonMåned siden

    He loves his pop-out banners 🙏

    ILOVEALGARVEMåned siden

    the first 7 minutes are rather negative; so negative that there is no reason to want such a car where the compromise is very very expensive while getting less :(

  • Bu
    BuMåned siden

    Is it just me who thinks this car doesn't look premium at all. It just looks like made by mid-level brand like Renault...

  • Mathias Bacher
    Mathias BacherMåned siden

    There's a lot of really good German music but they sent you the worst of the worst: Schlager 😂

  • Roland Rohde
    Roland RohdeMåned siden

    The car is too high, too short and the boot opening is too small.

  • money G
    money GMåned siden

    Why is the front camera off center 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • hi9580
    hi9580Måned siden

    What are they going to call the sedan and hatch versions of the EQ?

    ITS HENNADIYMåned siden

    It looks like Merc is going to be last in this electric car "race". They made a major mistake with this ICE to Electric adaptation strategy.

  • ollyrukes
    ollyrukesMåned siden

    lately, Mat's been testing EVs in the middle of Winter - no wonder the range is much lower. He rarely mentions that factor though.

  • rufdymond
    rufdymondMåned siden

    Considering the price of this car, it’s just a non starter.....until they move it to a new, dedicated, all electric platform, it makes no sense at that price, too many compromises.

  • marty1035
    marty1035Måned siden

    what rubbish rear seating for a new modern car. absolute crap at that price.

  • Fanatic T
    Fanatic TMåned siden

    What it i want to go from london to germany how many charges do i need?

    U SCROTEMåned siden

    Wo ! Can you imagine how much Mercedes will charge to replace the Battery’s !!!! It will be a right off !!! If Nissan can’t achieve it Merc won’t ! It’s a scam Bring Back the V12’s more Co2 is good for the planet .

  • Shereen Kamel
    Shereen KamelMåned siden

  • H4M24UK
    H4M24UKMåned siden

    This decade is going to be the EV revolution.

  • Petar Galić
    Petar GalićMåned siden


  • Finch
    FinchMåned siden

    looks alot like an Opel to me. Just not an exciting mercedes

  • ViewBothSides
    ViewBothSidesMåned siden

    The great thing about these Merc petrol/electric models is you can see how much you're being ripped off for the electic version.

  • John Terranova
    John TerranovaMåned siden

    I cant wait till you get to sit in the EQS... oh my, it moved...