Audi Q5 2021 review - better than a BMW X3 & Mercedes GLC?


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This is the updated Audi Q5!
It may only be a facelift rather than an all-new model, but the question is - does the new Q5 have what it takes to stand out and gain your attention over key competitors like the Mercedes GLC & BMW X3?
Well for starters, it certainly looks the part! Sure, it’s not that different to the old model, but you still get a couple of nice changes, including a wider grille at the front and LEDs as standard (with the option to get Matrix LEDs if you choose a higher-spec model).
When it comes to performance, the range-topper is a hybrid 2-litre turbo petrol, which combined with the electric motor will deliver 370hp! It’s also worth remembering that all models come with AWD as standard, as well as an automatic gearbox… But then again, would you expect anything else?!
So what do you think - can the Q5 really take on the GLC and X3? Or would you choose the Mercedes or BMW instead? You’ll have to keep watching to see which you should go for!
00:00 Intro
00:48 Price
01:20 Exterior Design
03:42 Interior
06:54 Back Seats
09:23 Boot
11:42 Five Annoying Things
13:30 Five Cool Things
14:49 Engines
15:54 Driving
18:47 0-60mph
19:51 Verdict
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  • carwow
    carwow20 dager siden

    Come on then - Q5 vs GLC vs X3. Which are you choosing? VOTE below!

  • jolan Grencio

    jolan Grencio

    5 dager siden

    @carwow |jjjjjjkl

  • Pradeep N

    Pradeep N

    5 dager siden

    Q5 for sure! I own the 2020 and it hasn't disappointed

  • Kannaya Suman

    Kannaya Suman

    8 dager siden

    Bmw X3

  • Owen Walsh

    Owen Walsh

    9 dager siden


  • Islander


    10 dager siden

    @carwow as a SQ5 owner I'd say Q5 😀

  • Spiderman
    SpidermanDag siden

    Why does Mat Watson always throws things around in the review cars, and handle the car controls so roughly? Man what do you want to prove with such arrogance? And what's that ugly habit of checking fake exhaust with dirty tree branches? Sheer arrogance :(

  • davson ed
    davson edDag siden

    C'mon, the review of the glc is from 2016, do the review of the new version please

  • David
    David2 dager siden

    Audi aren't making some safety features standard ?🤦‍♂️ and did he say plug your phone in ? Wtf audi with how expensive this cars , they couldn't make Android auto wireless connection . Waste of money to buy this SUV . Give me a top of the line Kia Telluride

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike2 dager siden

    i will buy the car only 4 the sound system

  • Mad Mike

    Mad Mike

    Dag siden

    @Strictly Business’ yes it is.. i have it in my house.. 600 watts of pure awesomeness

  • Strictly Business’

    Strictly Business’

    2 dager siden

    The B&O system is amazing! Not sure if it’s the acoustic glass but it sounds better in this years 2021 Q5 than some other Audi models equipped with the upgraded system.

  • Finnspirit
    Finnspirit3 dager siden

    Hi Mat and carwow crew! Could you please make a new and updated review of Mercedes EQC? Thank you in advance for the answer!

  • Yannis Gekas
    Yannis Gekas4 dager siden


  • bertito43
    bertito435 dager siden

    I wonder when the gv70 comes out how will it compared

  • jolan Grencio
    jolan Grencio5 dager siden


  • Yngwie Martin
    Yngwie Martin6 dager siden

    The Mexican Q5 is more expensive than the German way !

  • David Olyott
    David Olyott6 dager siden

    Coz I'm Mat Watson, and this is Carwow. I tried to subscribe a second time.

  • Sandro
    Sandro7 dager siden

    That's a car or a shoe box .... It is VERY boring to watch, but I imagine the driving is correct and good. But I wouldn't buy it.

  • Volodymyr Kovalchuk
    Volodymyr Kovalchuk8 dager siden

    Nice review. 32 MPG equals 7.35 L/100 km. Which is actually awesome for a car like this with powerful tubro-4. Given that the modern diesel motors are cut in power due to environment regulations, for most people I guess 2.0T would be the most adequate choice if you average 20-25 thousand KM per year. If you do more than 50 thousand km, then the economy from diesel will be more substantial. However I doubt it is very important in 50-60k USD car.

  • Rigoberto Garza
    Rigoberto Garza9 dager siden

    4:20 nice check engine light!

  • Yashar


    6 dager siden

    It’s because the engine is off and he has the accessories on. It shows the check engine light till you turn in the car.

  • Larry David
    Larry David10 dager siden

    Is it me, but the more i watch Mat, i wonder why he was never an option for Top Gear!

  • Pablo
    Pablo10 dager siden

    All German cars are dreadful.

  • Alteregosens Lucas
    Alteregosens Lucas10 dager siden

    Sorry to say, but it’s another boring Audi car. Only interesting are RS. THANK YOU BMW, at least they brought some standards.

  • Hunter Halcombe
    Hunter Halcombe10 dager siden

    13:27 this is why I love this channel so much, hhahahahaaha

  • Bboy RSA
    Bboy RSA11 dager siden

    disliking the video thanks to the orgy of ads.

  • الحقيقة
    الحقيقة12 dager siden

    If you’re watching this video I hope you get this car and achieve all of your dreams

  • Ron Mathew
    Ron Mathew12 dager siden

    Can you please carry out a comparison review with the new 2021 Range Rover Velar?

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali12 dager siden

    i hope mat mentions his height when sitting in the back because i am 6,6 278 pounds and i wanna know if i fit there or not 😂

  • Georgii Tam
    Georgii Tam12 dager siden

    Damm audi is so bad in the interior. It look likes an audi from 2012 Audi don't go back the past we want future. Very Very sad 😥

  • Reza Alemi
    Reza Alemi13 dager siden

    Please do a dragrace with Audi TTRS and Mercedes Benz AMG A45s

  • Simon Simon
    Simon Simon13 dager siden

    A hideous, vulgar monstrosity: ideal for the greedy riff-raff snobs with nothing better to spend their money on!!

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry14 dager siden

    People complaining about the load floor lift over until it saves them from a jar of pickles that rolled out and shattered on the garage floor. I’ll take the lifting a few inches.

  • Valkyness
    Valkyness14 dager siden

    Can we get a review of the updated Mercedes GLC/coupe and BMW X3

  • Millionaire
    Millionaire15 dager siden

    The new Genesis GV70 makes many of these midsized level SUVs look rather boring 🤔. The GV70 has the wow factor with Japanese reliability to boot!

  • Mike Carr
    Mike Carr15 dager siden

    14:15 "This is the voice of the Mysterons..."

  • Parm H
    Parm H15 dager siden

    Is it 550 liter in boot or 520???

  • Andy Bils
    Andy Bils15 dager siden

    Them pesky pop out banners are still missing? But work on other channels fine 🤔

  • evan chikuta
    evan chikuta15 dager siden

    I hate how ignorant of ACTUAL car technology and product design Matt is. Every "review" he does is riddled with criticisms of things that are inarguably merits of the vehicle. 🤦🏾‍♀️ In what world is a boot lip a problem? After all these years, he STILL doesn’t know that a load lip serves to stop things rolling out of your boot (especially when parked at an incline)??? Matt is NOT a motoring journalist. He’s a car salesman-cum-crappy-youtuber. 😖😖 p.s. Only performance fanboys and zealots care about fake body work! The average consumer only cares that it looks good. 🤷‍♀️

  • A A
    A A15 dager siden

    Don’t like it, never did, never will.

  • İslam Şeyxzamanlı
    İslam Şeyxzamanlı15 dager siden

    When they are gonna do İnterior like Q7 or Q8?

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark15 dager siden

    Congratulations Mat Watson for finding 20 mins of things to say about an impossibly dull car.

  • impete r
    impete r15 dager siden

    Any South Africans here?

  • Baba
    Baba15 dager siden

    13:25 I am dead man

  • sky works
    sky works16 dager siden

    Sorry Audi, just stupid to make the system only touch screen. I drive the 2018 Audi A4 which had the same interior then the pre facelift Q5 and the system is much more easy to use and more important safe. I never need to streech my had. What where you thinking Audi. For that I would never upgrade to only touch screen since I just hate it.

  • Ash S
    Ash S16 dager siden

    Those slots in the glove box are for SD cards btw

  • Joyful4life
    Joyful4life16 dager siden

    Can they start making car interiors all black.. its very dingy!.. try some bright colours maybe?

  • HROtakuReviews
    HROtakuReviews16 dager siden

    The little slit in the center console storage is actually for the key fob itself. At least, that's what it was like in the A4 I drove. Otherwise, it's pretty pointless. lol.

  • Bodyrocker888
    Bodyrocker88816 dager siden

    He was in the woods a long time..... me thinks he met a bear..... 🌈 😉

  • Felix Nöbauer
    Felix Nöbauer16 dager siden

    Looks much better than the Mercedes and the BMW

  • Stu F
    Stu F17 dager siden

    Lovely on the inside apart from the useless storage but so very very dull on the outside

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay17 dager siden

    Looks better for sure, less grandma lookin

  • Andrew Baines
    Andrew Baines17 dager siden

    Why don’t you like load lip on the boot, at least your luggage won’t fall on the floor when you open the boot

  • Ishaan Kaushik
    Ishaan Kaushik17 dager siden

    I am confused between glc and q5 which one is better to buy

  • Kev Breezy
    Kev Breezy17 dager siden

    team audi

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    asdh17 dager siden

    To many ads... so in quit looking 👋

  • Wouter Sandstra
    Wouter Sandstra18 dager siden

    audi: yhea itl do 6.1 seconds. Matt on a wet road: 5.5 secs

  • Miltos Vouty
    Miltos Vouty18 dager siden

    I’m always happy to hear “ze German” Mat! 🤣🤣

  • Anele Magubane
    Anele Magubane18 dager siden

    Please do an in-depth review on the Lamborghini urus

  • Emil Serbacov
    Emil Serbacov18 dager siden

    Dacia Duster or Lada Niva....

  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind18 dager siden

    The most uninspiring car on sale

  • Benjamin Nabulsi
    Benjamin Nabulsi18 dager siden

    Audio is muffled 😪

  • jurgendanhof
    jurgendanhof18 dager siden

    Nothing will change, as long as people keep buying them.

  • Adam
    Adam18 dager siden

    This car looks like it is from the mid 2000s, not far off the focus mk2 design language

  • RiskyKaZe
    RiskyKaZe18 dager siden

    Fake Contest: BMW Supra OR Audi Q5

  • Samed Ibrahimovic
    Samed Ibrahimovic18 dager siden

    Audi best

  • Fawaz Alshammari
    Fawaz Alshammari18 dager siden

    I’ve never seen Matt so not in the mood for a car review like this one 🤣👌

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    Why would anyone buy an ICE for a new car now

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen18 dager siden

    For Sale: "a press review car by CarWow" Slightly driven and was handled with CARE by Mat Watson from Carwow. 😏

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade18 dager siden

    those little holders in the glove compartment are for SD cards. For your camera or the radio nav thingy in the glove compartment.

  • Kristian Diaz
    Kristian Diaz18 dager siden

    In the US that car is basically a Premium Plus SQ5, but with a 4 cylinder

  • Jake Squires
    Jake Squires18 dager siden

    When are you doing a review of the new ford kuga

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    Arshad Shaikh18 dager siden

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    Snapshots18 dager siden

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  • AUS-Reviews
    AUS-Reviews19 dager siden

    Audi Suv's look as good as Tucson XD

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    Roman Krasnov19 dager siden

    try not to use question mark. every video with a question mark

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    Thimios Skrimpas19 dager siden

    11:26 Like as a Lucifer saying "Bloody Hell".

  • Abhinav John
    Abhinav John19 dager siden

    Follow me on Instagram

  • Odessa Strickland
    Odessa Strickland19 dager siden

    The zonked chance intialy jail because quality apically handle amid a ill celery. annoying, naughty dressing

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    costafilh019 dager siden

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    Ollie Stammers19 dager siden

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    Ajay Khan19 dager siden

    Please can you review 21 plate Q3. I ordered mine i want you to review it pls

  • Joseph Misekabu
    Joseph Misekabu19 dager siden

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    petewoodroffemusic19 dager siden

    Audio very deep and muffled!!

  • Sergeant Schlumpf
    Sergeant Schlumpf19 dager siden

    Oh.. I forgot to mention in the Seat Cupra vid’s comments: you forgot to see if it’s rear windows went down all the way.

  • Andrija Božičević
    Andrija Božičević19 dager siden

    What is the problem about sun roof. It's slow but at least it's not noisy

  • Sergeant Schlumpf
    Sergeant Schlumpf19 dager siden

    6:28 SD cards there matt. 😉 ☺️🤫

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    Abhishek Verma19 dager siden

    bored of these high end car reviews only.. can we have some "normal" cars review ?

  • Mrfatmanjunior
    Mrfatmanjunior19 dager siden

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    Pete .C19 dager siden

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    Dwayne Sealy19 dager siden

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    Toto M19 dager siden

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  • Javo Ambrosi
    Javo Ambrosi19 dager siden

    Made in Mexico, for the entire world in Audi Plant in Puebla

  • Sanil Khanivadekar
    Sanil Khanivadekar19 dager siden

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  • General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya
    General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya19 dager siden

    9:26 is the cameraman sleeping?

  • k0walsk
    k0walsk19 dager siden

    By far the worst looking in the segment. Audi needs to step up their exterior design game. Simplify & modernize! I know it's hard but they for sure have the manpower and the talent for it!

  • Berto López
    Berto López19 dager siden

    If you want to buy good SUV that is fun to drive well equipped for the price, buy an Alfa Romeo Stelvio

  • Jimmy McGill
    Jimmy McGill19 dager siden

    Anyone else think the infotainment screen in the middle looks absolutely shit? I hate it when car makers just put screens onto their dash and don't like mould it into the dash

  • Granny Gives Head
    Granny Gives Head19 dager siden

    He said track and didn't get a kick in the bottom. Someone is sleeping on their job.. this is a painfully average car

  • sandile wonderboy
    sandile wonderboy19 dager siden

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    Ante Vukoja19 dager siden

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  • I am I said
    I am I said19 dager siden

    Nice refresh on Audi Q5 ... Audi, Volvo & other over the pond vehicles used to have amber/orange rear turn signals, can see better & safer too. Bring them back !!! Good review ! Slainte' ! Cheers !

  • MrVoayer
    MrVoayer19 dager siden

    "Vorsprung durch Technik" is equivalent to "Lead by Technology". "Vorsprung" is pronounced like for-sh-prung ! For further references only !