A-Z best new cars coming 2021-2023 including the new Audi RS3!


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With all motor shows for the year cancelled due to coronavirus, we know lots of you will be having trouble keeping track of the best new cars due out in the near future.
If you're one of these people, then you’re in luck! We’ve pulled together a list of all the best new cars due out in the next year or two, and we’ve added them all to this video! From Alfa Romeo and Audi through to Skoda and Volkswagen, we’ve got all the news you need to know when it comes to the hottest new cars which are just around the corner!
The question is, which are you most looking forward to? There’s a load of innovative EVs due - perhaps you’re ready to go electric? Or maybe you’re rather pick up a luxurious A8 or S63? Let us know which you want to see first in the comments!
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  • carwow
    carwowMåned siden

    There are so many new cars coming, we couldn't fit them all in this video! To see the full list of everything that's coming up, just follow the link below! bit.ly/Best-New-Cars-2021

  • R3GARDL355


    14 dager siden

    That first car is not tonali its tonale, tonali is a ac milan football player

  • Sam J

    Sam J

    14 dager siden

    Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

  • Vazoid


    16 dager siden

    Landrower defender vs G wagon vs jimmny

  • lokesh gaming

    lokesh gaming

    21 dag siden

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  • Magid Alzabin

    Magid Alzabin

    26 dager siden

    matt, please can you do a drag race with the new 911 gt3 rs vs the 765lt pls pls

  • Lance Julian Acoba
    Lance Julian Acoba13 timer siden

    The dacia car is a copycat of the ford bronco

  • Sean Kingston
    Sean KingstonDag siden

    You forgot the new brand Lucid! But that's right...you're a tesla fan boy. Lucid is amazing!!!

  • Michael Krick
    Michael KrickDag siden

    New cars are all a bunch of generic looking clones. Auto manufacturer's must all be brain dead. Best looking cars ever made were the cars of the 1930 - 1940's. Give me a 1934 Ford or a 1940 Ford, now those were some classy looking cars.🤠

  • Arsam Motamed
    Arsam MotamedDag siden


  • Daniel Wippler
    Daniel WipplerDag siden

    German language Eine spionagekrankheit greift mich schon monatelang an elektromagnetisch virusartig lebensgefährlich unbehandelt. Daniel Wippler. Die Ursache scheint zwanghaft zu sein irgendwo.

  • elQueFaltaba
    elQueFaltaba2 dager siden

    Cupra "El Born", the name is inspired on the area within Barcelona city


    Is the Subaru WRX not available in Europe?

  • Argento
    Argento3 dager siden

    Laughed at "it's sort of affordable... for a McLaren [funny face]"

  • raji vijayan
    raji vijayan4 dager siden


  • Rs4 Rs6
    Rs4 Rs64 dager siden

    Been looking forward so much to the m3 touring but not so much now they ruined it with that ugly grill

  • demetrius williams
    demetrius williams6 dager siden

    The new mercedes are frowning and I love it

  • cantraID 3
    cantraID 38 dager siden

    I like the EQS more than EQE even tho I haven't seen them yet lol.

  • gregjuicey
    gregjuicey8 dager siden

    Toenail could be funny if english was the only language in the world. But it's not. Crazy, right?

  • obsessed10
    obsessed108 dager siden

    Drag race it against Mercedes g63

  • L.E.O.
    L.E.O.9 dager siden

    South African af

  • Shaka Mntimande
    Shaka Mntimande9 dager siden

    defender vs trackhawk vs g63 vs RSq8 vs X5M competition . It would be a treat don't you think?

  • Patric M Hlutshwa
    Patric M Hlutshwa10 dager siden

    I suspect Audi is busy trying to build a diesel RS3 and fake vents are not fitting in.

  • Rhiannon Martin-Howes
    Rhiannon Martin-Howes10 dager siden


  • Janou_113
    Janou_11312 dager siden

    Everyone: goes electric Porsche: makes the 992 gt3, gt3 rs, gt3 touring and the 718 gt4 rs have na flat 6 engines all above 4 litres

  • Zuzumuzi Ngomane
    Zuzumuzi Ngomane12 dager siden

    South Africa loves this Channel 🇿🇦🇿🇦 I've been a subscriber for years, and freaks me out that you mentioned my country.

  • abdallahalassaf
    abdallahalassaf13 dager siden

    8:47 the 392 wrangler rubicon

  • Ray Wong
    Ray Wong14 dager siden

    Is it me or there were no Japanese cars mentioned?

  • svetlin stoykov
    svetlin stoykov14 dager siden

    Primo, do you have any news about Subaru WRX STI 2022

  • Sam J
    Sam J14 dager siden

    Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

  • themacs
    themacs15 dager siden

    electric, electric, electric ... i'm sorry, but fuck the future ... i hate this new all electric everything ... electric is for tools, not for cars !!!!

  • sizzlacalunji
    sizzlacalunji16 dager siden

    When I saw the touring M3 from the rear I said to myself: “Probably will have to park face in and approach from the rear at all times....the pleasure sure comes when you’re in it”. Then Matt...02:14. 😆

  • Camo!
    Camo!17 dager siden

    That hyundai was using some black zombas

  • 14rs2
    14rs218 dager siden

    All the cars up to Land Rover: we have lots of new electric cars because you know the environment Land Rover: 5L super charged V8!!!

  • James Mulure
    James Mulure18 dager siden

    That new 5.0 litre supercharged defender is what I'd go for, Forget everything else!

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith18 dager siden

    I really hope the Hyundai Ioniq 6 exterior actually does look like the Prophecy concept. Such a great looking car. It's also a shame that the new AMG C63 will no longer come with the 4.0L twin-turbo V8. Despite the large hp increase from the 4 cyl. electric hybrid power train, an I6 or V6 would still have been more exciting, especially in the noise department, because a 6 cyl. engine can at least be made to sound wonderful. Just look at/listen to the Alfa Giulia or the V6 Jaguar F-Type. Even BMW's inline-6s sound great.

  • Nathaniel Ingraham
    Nathaniel Ingraham19 dager siden

    This channel reviews Hyundai but never genesis vehicles ?? I wonder why 🤔

  • Redline Drifter
    Redline Drifter20 dager siden

    Drag the defender against the g63 and land cruiser.

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams21 dag siden

    Sorry.....The Cupra Born Ultimatum? AYFKM?

  • Tesla fan
    Tesla fan21 dag siden

    The Volvo XC90 T8 Vs the land rover defender V8??

  • Tesla fan
    Tesla fan21 dag siden

    The Volvo XC90 T8

  • Daniel Jakobsen
    Daniel Jakobsen21 dag siden

    No Toyota or Lexus??? There's an upcoming IS 500 F sport performance, mr2, gt 86 and there's a type R and Z on the way too. I'm a bit disappointed 😞

    NM SHAFKI21 dag siden

    We are waiting for 3 years review upcoming cars mat!!!

  • Freddy M
    Freddy M22 dager siden

    Dear Mat, you are going much to fast, what build ho and huh??????

  • Andrew Cartwright
    Andrew Cartwright22 dager siden

    Have always have interest in purchasing expensive cars

  • Andrew Louis

    Andrew Louis

    22 dager siden

    @Davies George her user name is investgrace

  • Andrew Louis

    Andrew Louis

    22 dager siden

    @Davies George You have to be consistent in your approach, trading Forex is always difficult but Mrs Grace is very good. You can message her on tele gram.

  • Andrew Cartwright

    Andrew Cartwright

    22 dager siden

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  • James Christopher

    James Christopher

    22 dager siden

    I invest with Mrs Grace too, she charges a 20% commission on profit made after every trading session and that's fair compared to the effort she puts in to make huge profit

  • Davies George

    Davies George

    22 dager siden

    This is not the first time I am hearing of Mrs Grace and her amazing trading skills but I have no idea how to get to her.😪

  • Logλn L
    Logλn L22 dager siden

    New Type-R

  • 2741718
    274171823 dager siden

    What about Mazda?

  • Sam Busst
    Sam Busst23 dager siden

    Would love to see the Volkswagen Tiguan R getting reviewed

  • Krish
    Krish23 dager siden

    The C63 without a V8? Why Mercedes 😭😭

  • A&M LLC
    A&M LLC24 dager siden

    These cars are amazing. Jesus is coming back, please love one another and help the poor. Follow God and stop all forms of evil.

  • My First.
    My First.24 dager siden

    What! No mention of the Genesis models coming to the UK?

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith24 dager siden

    Not buying French or German 👍

    UNKNOWN GAMER24 dager siden

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  • Mohamad Nazrin Bin Hassan
    Mohamad Nazrin Bin Hassan25 dager siden

    jangan dekat dekat aku tgok juling je mata kau ni ngan aku sekali nak juling

  • Gustav Chuene
    Gustav Chuene25 dager siden

    Yeah South Africa got a mention...yes we usually get both versions.

  • Tiago Filipe
    Tiago Filipe26 dager siden

    Oh I would defenetly have the Peugeot 508 PSE over the BMW M340i. That car is just gorgeous!

  • javier lie
    javier lie26 dager siden

    Eqa vs eqb

  • lethokuhle zondi
    lethokuhle zondi27 dager siden

    I would love to see a drag race between all of the Land Rover Range Rover top of Range models.

  • Rihani Lokmane
    Rihani Lokmane28 dager siden

    There is no v12 or v8 at all Electric cars,the end of cars culture

  • T. A.
    T. A.28 dager siden

    We want Defender v8 VS G class !!!!

  • Victor M
    Victor M28 dager siden

    Damn new BMWs are ugly. You should have no sense of taste to like their design.

  • David Hall
    David Hall28 dager siden

    I am only interested in Diesel cars. I love Diesel - Have a Mondeo Titanium 2 litre - Will do 140 mph - does 50 mpg - will do 600 miles on a tank full - Refuel time 3 minutes - Uses less fuel than petrol - More environmentally friendly - Uses 2 gallons per 100 miles - Petrol (30 mpg) needs 3 gallons per 100 miles - Unlike electric will not need a new battery after 3 or 4 years costing £ Thousands ! It is a no Brainer !

  • tinoctino
    tinoctino29 dager siden

    Renault 5 turbo inspired electric car!? This I am looking forward to!

  • Sentient Rock
    Sentient Rock29 dager siden

    4:09 I love the Cupra Formentor, can't wait to see if they'll go further with this model

  • Mark Rhoden
    Mark Rhoden29 dager siden

    So many electric cars and yet no real infrastructure for these cars to change.

  • misterPAINMAKER
    misterPAINMAKER29 dager siden

    I hope that you will review the new Peugeot 308.

  • Tony Carver
    Tony CarverMåned siden

    What a load of crappy cars!

  • tom lupin
    tom lupinMåned siden

    French cars are killing it

  • APS - Pictures
    APS - PicturesMåned siden

    If you move further away from the green screen, you won't get that green reflection. Or in a small room, try some black flagging to stop white wall bounce. You can also colour correct it out after processing the green screen removal, but that's a bit more advanced.

  • JT Williams
    JT WilliamsMåned siden

    The Skoda Enyaq starts at £31,000....

  • Alaa Mohammad
    Alaa MohammadMåned siden

    Come on a v6 mclaren. But it’s still fast tho 600hp!

  • Red_Bug_James
    Red_Bug_JamesMåned siden

    Anybody else noticing cars are becoming a little.... unaffordable?

  • Gerry Temple
    Gerry TempleMåned siden

    You missed out Mazda! (How dare you! How dare you!) There should be a new Mazda 2 soon, and also a new 6. And probably there will be a new MX-5 in '23 too! What happened to the RX? Is it dead?

  • alexander ragnarsson
    alexander ragnarssonMåned siden

    You forgot mazda :,( their vision models.

  • TheYoutuber
    TheYoutuberMåned siden

    The toe nail looks nice

  • Klemen Kovačič
    Klemen KovačičMåned siden

    hmm no Honda? :v

  • Z06 Van
    Z06 VanMåned siden

    C8 Z06!!!!!

  • Brauny ARL
    Brauny ARLMåned siden

    Lol. Matt knows he's got plenty of South African viewers!

  • Мухамед Абдульрахман Ибрагим Абдульрахман
    Мухамед Абдульрахман Ибрагим АбдульрахманMåned siden

    Where's Honda / Lexus & Toyota?!!!

  • MrBazsi888
    MrBazsi888Måned siden

    Hyundai Ioniq5 looks like a Lancia Integrale. Smart move but still copycat.

  • Volix121
    Volix121Måned siden

    Hurry up youtube give me mat at 0:00 on repeat for 10 min

  • Klaas Ratau
    Klaas RatauMåned siden

    Mmh South Africa.. Yes

  • Toni Muñoz González
    Toni Muñoz GonzálezMåned siden

    Thanks CarWow. What about Porsche and Jaguar? Ford, Fiat, Mazda, Maserati Grecale, Opel - Vauxhall, Volvo? What about the Volvo P1800 2021 EV?

  • Chesney Page
    Chesney PageMåned siden

    Shout out to my fellow south africans

  • Canal Oval
    Canal OvalMåned siden

    Cuck electrif cars!

  • Emek Dulgeroglu
    Emek DulgerogluMåned siden

    What about the volvo c40?

  • Bernard Languillier
    Bernard LanguillierMåned siden

    I note an unusual positive vibe for Hyundai and a more typical negative tone about French auto makers... As far as I concerned I find the DS4 to be the most beautiful car of the year and the Renault R5 electric the hottest one.

  • Alien Abductor
    Alien AbductorMåned siden

    "With an arse that good, who cares about the face?" - *Matt Watson*-

  • Michael willis
    Michael willisMåned siden

    Another day and mat Plugging VAG crap again.Change the record mat we know VAG sponsor you come clean.

  • Hella Meiste
    Hella MeisteMåned siden

    Anything every now I hate design of all robotic generics or mostly climate designs we have to dress like we are living on the space damn ugly

  • Vipe
    VipeMåned siden

    Alfa romeo owned by Fait Chrysler Automobiles

  • C S
    C SMåned siden

    You forgot the Subaru wrx sti :-(

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen DohertyMåned siden

    Tesla Roadster 2.0

  • Mistic DW
    Mistic DWMåned siden

    I don't understand why car companies design EV's with a grill and then blank them out, The new Polestar got it right

  • Wodan
    WodanMåned siden

    Way too many electric cars (vacuum cleaners) in that list.

  • Luka Lula
    Luka LulaMåned siden

    Where is mazda+

  • Davide Puricelli
    Davide PuricelliMåned siden

    Defender V8 vs Trackhawk vs LR sport SVR vs GLC 63 s vs XM5 vs E63 S

  • Pranshul Chauhan
    Pranshul ChauhanMåned siden

    Land Rover vs Jag F Pace!

  • Eugene Onyejiekegha Jr.
    Eugene Onyejiekegha Jr.Måned siden

    No news on Infiniti brand?

  • Shaney Singh
    Shaney SinghMåned siden

    Land rover Defender vs autobiography range rover

  • Cristian Selfa
    Cristian SelfaMåned siden

    You said ANYTHING ABOUT PORSCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitty Ahmed
    Mitty AhmedMåned siden

    M3 touring 🔥🔥🔥

  • Björn Kreye
    Björn KreyeMåned siden

    The cupra got an goatee now.

  • Leonardo Occhipinti
    Leonardo OcchipintiMåned siden

    land rover defender v8 vs mercedes AMG G63

  • Horris P. McTitties
    Horris P. McTittiesMåned siden

    You can take anything that’s ev off that list. Lame ass EVs.