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  • Tim Rainger
    Tim Rainger2 timer siden

    Watching this makes me wanna go out and hug my cars with 6 speed manuals.

  • slice of toast
    slice of toast2 timer siden

    still like the C63 more ❤

  • Blake Tindle
    Blake Tindle2 timer siden

    Dream Car! 😍

  • Hussain Gahlot
    Hussain Gahlot2 timer siden

    Skoda called the second gen octavia laura here in india funny to see they using that name again 🤔

  • Madern
    Madern2 timer siden

    C7.5 is the true winner imo

  • Qudrat Shamsudinov
    Qudrat Shamsudinov2 timer siden

    electric car with paddleshifters..... huh?

  • R J
    R J2 timer siden

    It’s absolutely hideous. Cheaply made.

  • kikeonmedia
    kikeonmedia2 timer siden

    Why does he look so old?

    ROSI KYAN2 timer siden

    Mat what are you doing 😂

  • AO
    AO2 timer siden

    The C6 and C5 😍

  • kozman83
    kozman832 timer siden

    11:07 I agree. Watching Rebecca Jackson from a distance isn’t ideal... 😉 Good one Mat!

  • Dan K
    Dan K2 timer siden

    It’s the 3rd electric Mercedes has in the uk. Meanwhile we don’t even have any in the us.

  • The Lord ツ
    The Lord ツ2 timer siden

    Slowest german car = Audi

  • SgLuca Tony
    SgLuca Tony2 timer siden

    Just got the bmw add in the middle of it trying to persuade me that 'it's just a grid'

    FIERROS CALI2 timer siden

    Dude doesn't know how to drive lol?

  • LoodMan
    LoodMan2 timer siden

    Still slower than an M5

  • Sechaba Shuping
    Sechaba Shuping2 timer siden

    "Sounds like a Citroën C5" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Safi Ullah
    Safi Ullah2 timer siden

    petition for drag race between all audi rs models 🙌

  • David Stampy
    David Stampy2 timer siden

    The other is a pilot?

  • Wiltongg12
    Wiltongg122 timer siden

    Ferrari delet

  • Styrmir B. Kristjánsson
    Styrmir B. Kristjánsson2 timer siden

    Does this car support apple car play?

  • green falcon
    green falcon2 timer siden

    Mitsubishi asx didnt make the list, not as good either?

  • Keith Lawson
    Keith Lawson2 timer siden

    Did you feel a small prick? #knobjokes

  • Jamie mary
    Jamie mary2 timer siden

    *crypto trading nowadays is a big change to make money* 💴 *when the poor Learn the rule of the game the rich cry foul.*

  • Bill samuel
    Bill samuel2 timer siden

    Right now everybody can, so anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.

  • Bill samuel
    Bill samuel2 timer siden

    investing in financial market is what all rich people do. This is not a living but to grow our portfolio.

  • Jordonater1992
    Jordonater19922 timer siden

    Why cant they just turn the thing that cuts power off in the merc?

    BALDSKI2 timer siden


  • Jack Shore
    Jack Shore2 timer siden

    Aufi engines sound awful

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq2 timer siden

    you should drag race it

  • Robert
    Robert2 timer siden

    How about m5 generations drag race :>

  • Eyezshooter
    Eyezshooter2 timer siden

    That reaction😂😂😂😂🔥🔥

  • Miguel
    Miguel2 timer siden

    "sounds like citroen c5" 😂

  • Charanjit Saggu
    Charanjit Saggu2 timer siden

    litreral civic from the out side

  • Liam Darling
    Liam Darling2 timer siden

    Wow man there's so many departments 😲😲😲😲

  • Калуэт Байсариева
    Калуэт Байсариева2 timer siden

    Чайники.на мешалке уметь надо переключаться.всё запороли.

  • Ellisindia
    Ellisindia2 timer siden

    Any chance of a Focus RS 1/2/3 & Escort RS Cosworth?!!

  • Paul Bartley
    Paul Bartley2 timer siden

    Audi don't have a habit of making good sounding engines do they 🤦🤦

  • Antonio Latorre
    Antonio Latorre2 timer siden

    Germany 1, Japan 0. This car was built to kill the Porsche 911. Now the distance gets larger to its benchmark.

  • Familie Kleinebeer
    Familie Kleinebeer2 timer siden

    If you put your gear between P and R you can get around the soft limiter.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay2 timer siden

    Чувак на красном ПОРШЕ раньше тронулся с места, налицо фальстрат... The dude in the red PORSCHE had started earlier, there was a false start

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone2 timer siden

    Leather is made from the cows for that they burn the rain wood in brasil. Please mercedes improve that if you want to step into a green future. 🌿 ...technically and optically great result!

  • FreedomWarrior
    FreedomWarrior2 timer siden

    Indeed - sacrilege and you should change the title for BMW sacrilege. I doubt anyone will buy that car.

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez2 timer siden

    1:55 take that rolls royce jajajja

  • Pete Horn
    Pete Horn2 timer siden

    the c7 in this video is so gorgeous.. chrome accents looks cleann

  • Boy Gilo
    Boy Gilo2 timer siden

    Well job Tesla

  • Olexiy Apoxel
    Olexiy Apoxel2 timer siden

    It will have an A letter (S3XY CARS) Model S,3,X,Y and Cyber,A,Roadster,Semi ;)

  • First Step
    First Step2 timer siden

    9:15 - Mercedes Benz'd!!!

  • MotorHead Tech
    MotorHead Tech2 timer siden

    Now do RS4 & RS3?!🙃🙃

  • Agustus king
    Agustus king2 timer siden

    Mk4 is the best

  • Gabriel Craciun
    Gabriel Craciun2 timer siden

    Am I the only one who loves the 19 inch wheels of the audi more then the ones from the BMW or the 20 inch ones from Audi ?

  • Louis-H HR
    Louis-H HR2 timer siden

    Lets be honest Even if the other ones Are better Performance wise the C5 Looks the best

  • Faisal Rahman
    Faisal Rahman2 timer siden

    does anyone else exit the video when Yanni is involved?

  • MJ Ka farman
    MJ Ka farman2 timer siden

    You should try all version of civic drag race

  • therocker4life
    therocker4life2 timer siden

    Great review the LE is awesome the side exits actually channels out the air coming from the hood scoop to reduce lift.

  • Prius Driver
    Prius Driver2 timer siden

    You forgot the Rav4 hybrid. which i imagine is the best if u don’t find the dash a tad outdated

  • Ghfd Fdbjk
    Ghfd Fdbjk2 timer siden

    This dirty guy Has no clue nie to drive the Evo !

  • MrLuja
    MrLuja2 timer siden

    Tesla Model SM (-:

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson2 timer siden

    The dude in the lancer is a fuckin bad driver who should never make a car video make it hard to watch

  • servicecalculatoare1
    servicecalculatoare12 timer siden

    German engineers over engineer everything to the point that they can”t even make a proper cup holder... Let alone a dash screen or a volume button for audio system. And that squeky brake is epic!

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones2 timer siden

    Tezla? thought they were called Tesla?

  • Arman Ozturk
    Arman Ozturk2 timer siden

    So that’s not an Alpina, but a BMW with Alpina wheels. Weird flex, but ok.

  • ABK
    ABK3 timer siden

    #gmk aime ça

  • Ciro Quirino
    Ciro Quirino3 timer siden

    O Mercedes ganhou ! Eu gosto do a 200

  • 5davi5
    5davi53 timer siden

    Same old Same old

  • liquid
    liquid3 timer siden

    Can you open the hood?

  • Brno
    Brno3 timer siden

    Surprised the Audi won honestly

  • Better Days Gaming
    Better Days Gaming3 timer siden


  • Jack
    Jack3 timer siden

    2 gears

  • Fresh Dumbledore
    Fresh Dumbledore3 timer siden

    They all sound like crap 🤐

    SUPER LABINE3 timer siden

    I'd take the lambo ever any porsche even if the lambo had a dacia engine and a 3 mintes 0 to 60 acceleration.

  • Yasin Kaya
    Yasin Kaya3 timer siden

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT A LIST OF ALL THE CARS STATS JUST BEFORE YOU RACE. How am meant to remember the bhp of 5/6 cars. Literally a table of the bhp, torque, engine, weight and maybe price

  • Ayman Mohammed
    Ayman Mohammed3 timer siden

    Can we see a huracan evo vs huracan perfomante?

    KANOMAN3 timer siden


  • Mark Conor
    Mark Conor3 timer siden

    Sweet those cars are amazing machines sad to see them go 😢.

  • Joe Ca
    Joe Ca3 timer siden

    hey mat, get the new lc500 5l v8 as new daily, would be awesome cause yamaha engine!

  • Jordon Reynolds
    Jordon Reynolds3 timer siden

    “Every brand” GM cars: 🥺

  • Joe Ca
    Joe Ca3 timer siden

    i go for the c6, cause of the tiny 5l v10, but i also like the c5, cause displacement is higher than newer ones!

  • Guilherme Cunha Moraes
    Guilherme Cunha Moraes3 timer siden

    audi will always be crap

  • Benz
    Benz3 timer siden

    If you’re robbing a bank in sweden, they mostly use a C6 RS6 as a getaway car. Just a fun fact

  • harenk
    harenk3 timer siden

    Nice. M3 generations race please... With Yanni.

  • Andy DuHamel MacKinnon
    Andy DuHamel MacKinnon3 timer siden

    Another touch screen, inherently distracting why not tactile buttons like say BMW, ridiculous pleasing shape though.